Current Usage of HANN Domain Names


The domain has been registered for use as a family domain name. The root domain will not have any content or a website, which is why you were redirected here. Sub-domains of will be created if individuals decide they want to use them.

For example, a family member named Michael Hann can use the sub-domain which will either point to a hosted site or can be used as a forwarding domain to an existing domain already in use as shown here:

  • Example 1: is the domain used and contains the user’s website.
  • Example 2: is used to forward traffic to where the user’s website is currently located.

I created this page for anyone who manually types in the domain to see its current use. The domain is not for sale and currently, nobody outside of our specific family can register sub-domains here. Should this policy ever change in the future, a notice will be placed here and requests will be honored on a first come, first served basis.


The domain is being used as a family email domain. This domain will also not serve any web content at this time. Access the mail system via the web.

Please fill out this contact form if you have any questions or concerns.